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Total Body Modification

Total Body Modification is an adjunct to all existing (remembered and forgotten) chiropractic philosophies used for the restoration and maintenance of the optimum health of our patients.

The principal founder and developer of Total Body Modification was Dr. Victor L. Frank, D.C., N.M.D. and it has been taught throughout the world, largely to chiropractors, since 1978.

When chiropractic was founded, it was based on the philosophy of health care through the treatment of the energy of the spine and nerves. The old masters of Chiropractic simply found a dysfunction and then corrected it, thereby building the reputation of chiropractic as a health care system more effective than drugs and surgery. Their main philosophy was- 'The power that created the body can heal the body.'

Total Body Modification is member of the Applied Kinesiology (AK), Acupuncture, Naturopathy  and Chiropractic family.  Dr. Frank was a close associate of George Goodhart, D.C., the creator of AK. Dr. Frank, however, realized that AK was becoming overly complex and too time consuming and set out to find a way to rectify this situation.

In the early 1970’s, Robert Riddler, D.C., another early associate of Dr. Goodhart, was developing body points to simplify the AK evaluation.  Dr. Frank learned about these points and began adding Dr. Riddler’s points into his AK treatments and was pleased with the results but discovered one drawback-  a lack of consistency. At this point (in the early 1970’s), Dr. Frank and his colleague Harold Havlic, D.C., began to innovate by combining these techniques with the old chiropractic masters techniques and with modern techniques and soon Total Body Modification was developed.

Total Body Modification has taken that original Chiropractic philosophy and further explored the possibilities of self-regeneration inherent in the human body. What was found was that if the right thing is done to the right body at the right time in the right way, miracles happen. TBM practitioners can duplicate the corrections and the restoration to health that the old masters were able to achieve, but now Total Body Modification practitioners can perform them by intent and on a repeatable basis.

Total Body Modification is able to test and correct most of the known body functions. In Total Body Modification, a simple muscle test and test points located throughout the body are utilized to determine the positive or negative function of that body system or organ.  

The human body is an integrated unit, and it doesn't always fit the logic that we have been taught.  Dr. Frank discovered that body functions which were thought to be separate activities actually interact and communicate with each other in a myriad of complex pathways. He determined that all of the body functions are controlled by a biological 'computer' within the body.  Dr Frank found that by using test points and an indicator muscle, a practitioner could test the various biological ‘computer’ programs within the human body. Then, using energetic and soft tissue corrections, practitioners can reset the function of specific biological ‘computer’ programs, thereby restoring function, balance and communication within the body.

Total Body Modification is also known as TBM:

  • TBM treats and improves virtually every organ and system in the body. 
  • TBM balances the metabolisms of the body, including sugar metabolism (which is key to health). 
  • TBM erases emotional problems thus stopping them from affecting the physical body. 
  • TBM helps manage and/or eliminate major neurological and systemic problems. 
  • TBM balances blood pressure. 
  • TBM eliminates cold and flu symptoms by balancing the body. 
  • TBM addresses dehydration and other problems due to improper fluid handling. 
  • TBM allows the body to detoxify without supplements including heavy metals. 
  • TBM balances the reaction to allergens, allowing symptoms to disappear and giving you the freedom to enjoy what you previously could not have. 

Please be sure to inquire if Total Body Modification can help with your health concerns.