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The Five Elements

A very brief description of each of the five elements and their correspondences:

Associated Organs: heart/small intestine/ pericardium/triple heater
Emotion: joy
Color: red
Season: summer
Voice/Sound: laughing
Odor: burnt

Associated Organs: spleen/stomach
Emotion: worry
Color: yellow
Season: late summer
Voice/Sound: singing
Odor: fragrant
Associated Organs: lung/large intestine
Emotion: grief
Color: white
Season: autumn
Voice/Sound: weeping
Odor: rotten
Associated Organs: kidney/bladder
Emotion: Fear
Color: blue
Season: winter
Voice/Sound: groaning
Odor: putrid
Associated Organs: liver/gall bladder
Emotion: anger
Color: green
Season: spring
Voice/Sound: shouting
Odor: rancid