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What is the difference between Classical Five Element Acupuncture and other Acupuncture systems?

There are several types of traditional acupuncture systems in practice today- Korean, Chinese, Japanese and others. I will mostly focus on what it taught today in China and America.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is taught today was born out of necessity in China. During the Cultural Revolution Chairman Mao actually discouraged acupuncture. As a result, Western Allopathic Medicine was promoted in hopes that China would be recognized as a modern society. Unfortunately, there was an unexpected shortage of doctors and the government had to reincorporate acupuncture into the medical system in order to treat the ever growing population.

It took ten or more years to train a Classical Acupuncture doctor and the government realized that they needed a quicker option so they created the system we know today as TCM. It was designed to be simple and taught in a very short time frame with a 'Western' Allopathic approach to the medicine. Certainly not a bad thing.
These TCM practitioners were called 'Barefoot' Doctors. They could be quickly and easily trained and go out in the 'field' to treat the masses symptoms until the Classically trained acupuncture doctors could reach the villages and work the difficult cases.

Classically the Acupuncture Doctors (before the cultural revolution) knew that physical symptoms were usually a message from the patient's spirit calling out for help. Professor J.R. Worsley used to teach that this was akin to an automobile with the check engine light illuminated as a symptom and instead of having a mechanic find the cause and repair it, you simply remove the check engine light and presto- the symptoms are gone. However the real mechanical issue was never found or addressed.

Classical Five-Element practitioners are trained in a system that is unlike what is taught in most schools in the world today. It is an orally taught acupuncture system that treats the body, mind and spirit of the patient and treats the patient as a whole and not just by their symptoms. They recognize that every person is born with a genetic predisposition to a weakness in one of the five-elements called their Causative Factor (CF). Once they determine a patients CF they are able to treat the person as a whole in a very specific and highly efficacious manner.

This system is closer to what was taught to the Classical Acupuncture Doctors thousands of years ago. In this system, the symptoms are by no means ignored but as the patient is treated as a whole while focusing on their CF and on all three levels (body, mind, spirit), the symptoms resolve themselves often without any specific focused treatment of their symptoms.

In my opinion, the Classical Five Element Acupuncture system should simply be called Classical Acupuncture.