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"I owe my new sense of calm to Michael's acupuncture! He has basically stopped the panic attacks I had been suffering from for over two years. Medications would help but made me very drowsy and out of it. He has changed my life and I am happy to be medication free!" 

- Amy A. -

"My first appointment with Michael was an interesting journey for me and brought to light the cause of several issues I was struggling with for some time. We were able to clear emotional blocks related to my struggles and there was an almost instant healing shift for me. I can't wait for my next session.

- Jonathan F. -

"Michael is the first acupuncturist who really took the time to listen to me. Other acupuncturists simply spent fifteen minutes with me, gave me needles then left me alone. I did enjoy the nap but I preferred how Michael spent the entire appointment with me. Amazing! I highly recommend you give him a try!"

- Stephanie R. -

"I was referred to Michael by a friend of mine to try and help with a weird pain I had in my left leg. I was a bit skeptical about Acupuncture for sure. But nobody could seem to find an answer and I was out of options. Michael made some very interesting observations and amazingly after only four treatments, the pain was gone. I am now a believer in Acupuncture."

- Danielle B. -

"I have suffered with neck, back and shoulder pain and migraines for several years partially due to chronic fatigue syndrome. The pain has put me on disability, I can no longer work and my daily activities have been reduced to a minimum. I have tried many things in search of relief like physical therapy, medications and even pain clinics. So far acupuncture and chiropractic has helped me the most. After treatment I feel less stress, less pain and I am able to add a few new tasks to my daily routine."

- KW -

"I am a man of a few words but let me say this- My annoying food allergies are gone now. Amazing."

- Martin S. -

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