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No Needle Acupuncture

I never use needles when I perform acupuncture.

Wait, how can you offer acupuncture with out needles?!?!

Simple, an acupuncture 'needle' is simply a misnomer. In most English speaking countries the word needle has been given to the tool used to give an acupuncture treatments. However, the proper term is 'filaform'. A filaform is defined as- shaped like a filament or resembling a long thin thread. Hence, no needle acupuncture.

An acupuncture filaform is a sterilized, stainless-steel, ultra-thin filament like device that was scientifically engineered to pass through the skin with the least amount of discomfort possible. Most people can barely feel them. The tips of the filaforms are actually patented and the Japanese appear to have cornered the market on the most painless tips.

Who out there likes needles? No one I know. Everybody hates them. Lets let go of this term 'needle' when it comes to acupuncture and start using filaform.

Additionally, people respond differently to different filaforms and, as such, I keep an assortment of the best painless brands in stock. Be sure to ask your acupuncturist if they keep an assortment of filaforms in stock.

Contact me to schedule a Free 20 minute no needle acupuncture consultation.

Please visit my FAQ page and articles page for more information on acupuncture