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Fertility Acupuncture

Having difficult conceiving a baby?

Classical Five Element Acupuncture should be a treatment partner on your path to successful conception.

In actuality, there really is no such thing as Fertility Acupuncture, in fact, there is no such thing as any official 'specialization' in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Specialization is a western or allopathic idea especially common in the USA and fits perfectly into the modern western system of medicine.

Specialization in Chinese Medicine is contrary to its most basic function- treat the body as a whole. My point is simply this, any acupuncturist can successfully treat a patient who is struggling with infertility. The reason for this is quite simple, Traditional Chinese Medicine and especially Classical Five Element Acupuncture treat the patient as a whole person. From this perspective, a practitioner understands that infertility is not just about specific portions of a woman's or man's body but the human as a whole (body mind and spirit).

I believe it would be a massive disservice to patients to assume that infertility is only the result of physical difficulties. Thusly, in order to successfully treat infertility (assuming all the proper parts are in place and able to function) a practitioner simply needs to treat the patient's body, mind and spirit and help create the ideal environment to conceive and carry a baby.

One last note, I do believe that working with a medical doctor is paramount in this process. We need to be certain, from a biological standpoint, that all the proper internal organs are in place and physically able to function or no form of treatment will have success.

I am not a fertility acupuncture specialist, yet I have successfully treated patients with infertility difficulties. Give me a call or send me an email and we can discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

Be sure to ask about our No Needle Fertility Acupuncture treatments.

Contact Michael to schedule a Free 20 minute Fertility Acupuncture consultation.

Please visit my FAQ page and articles page for more information on acupuncture