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Michael's Holistic Medical Clinic Services Offered


+ Classical Five-Element Acupuncture:** 

Extensive initial evaluation and treatment is approximately 120 to 180 minutes.* 

Subsequent treatments are approximately 60-120 minutes.*

+ ThetaHealing®: 

Initial session lasts approximately 90 minutes.*

Subsequent sessions start at 60 minutes.* 

Longer sessions are available.

ThetaHealing® phone sessions are also available to anyone in the world that speaks English as their native language.

ThetaHealing® is also available for your pets.

ThetaHealing® classes are available as well. Ask me for details.

+ Total Body Modification (TBM):

Initial evaluation and treatment 90-120 minutes.*

Subsequent treatments are approximately 60-90 minutes.*

TBM is also available for your pets.

+ Quantum Entrainment (QE): 

Initial session lasts approximately 60 minutes.*

Subsequent sessions start at 30 minutes.* 


+ Payment

- Major credit cards
- Bank debit cards
- Paypal
- Checks
- Cash
- Certain California Insurance plans (click here for details)

+ Referrals

Patients of Michael's acupuncture clinic can also receive referrals to:

- an excellent Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.

- an 'alternative aware' Family Practice Doctor.

* Your treatment time may vary depending on your condition.

** You might have acupuncture health insurance coverage. To verify coverage simply check with your Human Resources representative, contact your health plan provider or submit this simple online insurance verification form to us and we will help. Please note: it may take a few days for your insurance company to verify your benefits/coverage.

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