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Acupuncture Insurance

Good news Californians- You may have acupuncture insurance coverage!

To verify acupuncture insurance coverage simply check with your Human Resources representative, contact your health plan provider or contact us and we will help. Please note: it takes a few days to sort it all out.

Acupuncture Insurance billing is a service that I happily provide as an added benefit to my patients but please understand that I am not obligated to do so and it has a few rules:

If there is one thing I have learned it is that most patients do not understand the complexities of insurance billing. Thusly, even if you know you have coverage, my billing company still needs to verify your coverage directly with your provider.

Regardless of your acupuncture insurance coverage, your first visit with me must be paid in full at the time of service.

Please note that your acupuncture insurance coverage may not cover herbal or nutritional consultations and well as massage, moxibustion and certain medical conditions. It will also not cover TBM or ThetaHealing sessions. You may choose to include these services but they will be added to your co-pay.

Due to the long waiting periods and the higher cost of billing insurance companies, my fee schedule is higher versus time of service payments (cash) and your co-pay will be based upon those rates. You are always liable for your co-pay and any uncovered changes at the time of service.

If at any point your provider denies payment your bill becomes due and payable in full.

Some plans pay very poorly, in these cases you may be required to pay the difference between their benefits and our normal billing rate which may be more than your listed co-pay.

In all instances we need to verify benefits before we can make any decisions regarding treatment.

Plans we work with:

We are an out of network provider for many other networks. Please inquire about yours.

Plans we never work with:

American Specialty Health (ASH).

Medicare (there is no acupuncture coverage with Medicare).

+ Insurance coverage verification:

Simply follow the link below to our insurance verification page. Complete the form, then simply hit submit. It will only take a few minutes to complete. My billing company will verify coverage and I will let you know the results.

Click here for our insurance verification online form.

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