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About Dr. Michael Hoppe DAOM, Licensed Acupuncturist.


Michael graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in San Diego California. He earned a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) degree.

PCOM is considered the 'Harvard' of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) schools in America and produces some of the highest trained acupuncturists in the United States. They have campuses in San Diego, New York and Chicago.

PCOM's program is extremely difficult (intense total immersion), not only to receive acceptance, but to complete the program. The school has a very high attrition rate as many students are unable to pass their yearly comprehensive exams and simply quit.

As students, we are asked to learn not only Chinese Language and Western Allopathic Medicine but also a completely new medical paradigm (Chinese Medicine). This all happens in a program that only has three breaks each year that last approximately 3 weeks each. The entire program lasts just less than 4 years but in terms of 'traditional' college standards this program would take at least seven years to complete.

Michael is California Acupuncture Board Certified and Licensed. California has the highest standards of certification in the USA.

Michael is also licensed to practice in Michigan.

Michael is also Nationally Certified (NCCAOM).

Official PCOM website:


Classical Five Element Acupuncture Training

While in Acupuncture school, at PCOM, Michael became dismayed because there was no teaching on spirituality and how to treat patients on all levels (body, mind & spirit). Luckily, he was referred to a practitioner of Classical Five Element Acupuncture for treatment and as treatments progressed the practitioner explained that there was an option to get the training he had sought (body, mind & spirit) once he finished TCM School. After all, TCM school is required in order to sit for licensing exams.

Of course, unwilling to wait, Michael adjusted his PCOM school schedule and concurrently attended the Institute of Classical Five Element Acupuncture in Santa Monica, California. Michael received an additional year of highly-specialized intense training and clinical work (above and beyond what is required to practice anywhere in the world).

This training, among other things, helps to replace the portions of TCM that were removed during the 1950s (how to treat a person's spirit connection and their mind) and, unfortunately) are no longer taught to students in modern TCM schools.

Classes were taught, predominately, by Neil R. Guminick. Neil was trained by the late J.R. Worsley, the originator of Classical Five Element Acupuncture, and has passed this amazing medicine on to Michael.

Classical Five Element Acupuncture practitioners are highly sought after worldwide.

Please visit this page to find out more about Classical Five Element Acupuncture:


Here are the official web sites:




Michael is a ThetaHealing® practitioner and ThetaHealing® Instructor. While attending PCOM Michael was introduced to ThetaHealing® by a classmate who felt it would help Michael with the grief of losing his father to cancer. The results were so profound that Michael decided that this was a modality he must learn ASAP and started attending classes right away.

Michael is ThetaHealing® certified (since 2008) and is fully trained.

Please visit this page to find out more about ThetaHealing®:


The official ThetaHealing® website is here:


TBM Training

Michael is also a practitioner of Total Body Modification (TBM). As with the other modalities Michael practices, he came to TBM as the result of receiving treatment. When Michael was living in TX, his food allergies become so bad his diet was limited to white rice and broccoli. Purely by accident, while searching for some way to help himself, he found a practitioner of TBM and over time his food allergies were normalized. Again, Michael decided he must also learn this modality.

Michael is fully TBM Certified (since 2007) and was blessed to receive all of his training from the late Dr. Victor Frank D.C. RIP who is the originator of the medicine.

Please visit this page to find out more about TBM:


The official TBM website is here:


Other Non-Medical Training

Michael also has a B.S. in International Business with a minor in Spanish from Aquinas College and has studied in Mexico and Spain.

Michael is also Microsoft (MCSE & MCT) and Cisco (CCNA & CCDA) certified and has worked as an Information Technology professional all over the USA and in The Netherlands and The U.K.

After years of diagnosing and repairing servers & networks it was not much of a stretch to move to diagnosing and healing humans and animals.

Michael also believes that his experience and training as an analytical thinker in his previous career as an Information Technology professional has better prepared him to accurately diagnose and treat his patients.

One Last Note About Michael

Michael is a very compassionate and caring individual and this is reflected in the level of care his patients receive. He is passionate about helping his patients achieve their optimum health. He listens and takes all his patient's concerns seriously and is ready and willing to take action and help them.
Additionally, Michael is well known for his upbeat personality and caring bedside manner. He enjoys showing his patients that it can be fun and easy to achieve optimum wellness.

Michael grew up in a medical household in the Midwest (his father was a D.O.) and spent many a weekend throughout his childhood with his father while he was on duty in the Emergency Room and many a day at his medical center shadowing him and asking questions. Michael actually used to read his fathers medical journals just for fun (fun?, really?) and, as a result, has a brain full of very useful allopathic medical information.

And remember, at any point, if Michael thinks you will benefit from a mixture of his healing modalities, he can add them instantly to your session with the goal of speeding your recovery. In fact, it is highly unlikely that anyone in the world has identical training to Michael- amazing!!!

His simple goal is to assist you in your return to health as quickly as possible and in your highest and best manner.


Are you ready to begin your journey back to health? Contact Michael so you can begin your journey.

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